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Social think tank, new social platform for new times
at 10pm on 5/6/2018

Mark Zuckerberg to Larry Page, at a dinner: "Why are you not on Facebook?"

Page in response: "It wasn't designed for me."

The curious reader pointed out to this episode on Mindstrim. It could only be guessed what social media would have been fulfilling for Larry Page, a former PhD student. However the point being is that each platform has its own "genome" that can be incompatible with a substantial and at the same time unique part of the potential audience.

In addition to this, the evolution of a platform may not be fast enough to keep in sync with changing preferences and demands, also constrained by the platform's genome.

The existing platforms have been mostly focusing on casual communications. Facebook was originally introduced to college students with a subliminal promise to facilitate their dating experience. Twitter was made a primarily broadcasting tool. Both have become prominent marketing arenas, where individual users, organizations and brands are fiercly competing for attention.

At the same time, the platforms have been lacking targeting to help the members to grow, advance and tangibly shape the future with "vertical progress", the term coined by Peter Thiel to describe substantial advancements in life beyond "creating the best app for selling toilet paper" or replicating factories while linearly multiplying emissions ("horizontal progress").

The concept of a "social think tank" can power a new platform for new times, helping individuals to sort out and grow collective knowledge, address important challenges and make breakthroughs or major advancements as a result. At Mindstrim we focus on the development of this concept, helping to leverage the best accumulated information and knowledge, and to produce inspiration and fulfilling communications (possibly involving Larry Page as well, even if under an aliassmiley).

Platforms can come and go, rise up and fade away. New times and challenges demand new tools. The current major social platforms played a prominent role in connecting the world. It's time for the new tools to help drive it to new horizons ...