China to become a factory for super-humans?

China officially started experimenting with human gene modifications where modified embryos allowed to grow into live humans (as opposed to modified embryos killed at early stages in the US in similar experiments). The purpose behind this may be not just fighting disease as declared, but also creation of super-humans or humans with specific DNA profiles best suitable e.g. for military and other applications:

Playing with humanity’s genetic code could open a Pandora’s box. Scientists will eventually be able to alter DNA not just to protect against disease but also to create genetically enhanced human beings.

It may remain illegal in the most developed countries to do the same. In such situation China may become a destination for those who want their kids to become superior at the genetic level and pay for that, similarly to the countries that allowed assisted suicide and attracted clients from the countries not allowing it.

It was reported that in this initial experiment in China not all genes were modified consistently for the expected effect to realize reliably, and it may take years to master the technique via trial and error on live humans, with totally unpredictable results.

Is artificial human enhancement - an inevitable path in the future human evolution? And would Musk's proposition in the form of human augmentation with AI that his startup Nueralink is working on - be a competitive futuristic approach?


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at 5pm on 12/4/2018
China to become a factory for super-humans?
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