How to use Mindstrim

Memos, Books and Book Clubs

After you signed up and created your account on Mindstrim, you will be able to publish posts ("memos"), search and add books, join existing communities of readers - book clubs or create and manage new book clubs. The main menu can help you with navigation to the key areas of the site:

What is Memo

Your memos are posted in the common flow and can reference a book (posted for a book), book club (posted for a club) or both:

Memos can be of different types including:

Create Memo for Book (and Book Club)

A memo can be posted for a book, and can also appear in one of your book clubs:

Create Memo for Book Club

Alternatively, a memo can be created for a book club only, if it's a general thought not related to a particular book:


We are continuously working on making the site more convenient to use and will sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve anything.