Is management a bullshit job?

I think the author of this book might be oversimplifying few things here and there. The topic is great and interesting and may seem complex, so oversimplification might serve the purpose of making the point.

On one occasion the author cites couple emails sent to him by some employees who claim that they can do their job without supervision, implying that their management is useless. I can tell you from my managerial experience ... if something (especial if it's a more complex thing) is not managed, it will most likely fail.

Unfortunately, things can rarely work on "auto-pilot" in teams. Even in Agile or Scrum methodology (praised for high effectiveness) that prescribes all team members to operate at essentially the same level, there is still solid oversight from Scrum Master and Product Owner over the team's activities and outcomes.

Even Google once tried (at its dawn) to eliminate managerial levels and this approach failed pretty fast and they had to restore management roles back.

I can agree though that a big part of management work is often uselessly filled with bureaucracy and political shenanigans, with not just zero but negative value. And some management jobs can be redundant or unnecessary.

The book is pretty good as it opens up (or rather continues) the conversation on the important topic of the effectiveness of our society in its current form, and the author provides quite comprehensive analysis of the issue and its historical roots.


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Management when it's leadership can be useful. Try build a space station without leadership ... However sadomasochistic hierarchies often existing in corporations for the purpose of distribution of extracted wealth - as the author describes, compromise the idea of positive leadership and management.

at 8pm on 6/12/2018

I don't thing the author oversimplified, the book is deep and he did a good deal of research on the subject. 

at 10pm on 6/1/2018

No shit (pardon me), coordination is important .. BUT ..... the book author is somewhat right in that a big part of a management job is so often to make up bullshit tasks and force you (that almost always can be justified formally if needed, but can be considered an overkill or bullshit at closer look) to work on them, in order to demonstrate to their management and other departments that their unit is superbusy and worth its budget and that it might even need more money. When this is especially exaggerated, people have to work overtime essentially spinning hamster wheels even faster to maintain warm feelings in superiors about artificially created illusion that their units and themselves are in demand. Sometimes such pressure also comes with intimidation. This deprives you of your time and confidence and sense of purpose.

at 11pm on 5/27/2018
Is management a bullshit job?
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at 9pm on 6/3/2018