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ISBN-10: 0718033329
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Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
Good point that mental or cognitive effort takes energy that people are casually reluctant to spend…
at 12am on 4/23/2018
- Can we meet sometime later this week? - Sorry, I have a boyfriend.
at 12am on 4/23/2018

The author mentioned a curious and at the same time common in the US and Canada situation, and sort of accidentally (considering the book's primary topic) hit the nerve with that. It's when you approach a woman who doesn't have obvious signs (such as ring) of being married or engaged, and you chit-chat a bit and express your interest and suggest to meet later for a chat and coffee.

What would she respond to you with 99% probability even (and especially?) when you look attractive to her? Yes - that she has a boyfriend (even if in reality she doesn't), This can be annoying and discourages many, and the sole purpose of this seems to be to set a higher price and give herself some sort of leeway. Often she ends up with a much worse suitor by abusive use of such leeway with better men. 

The author dealt with this in his own way, when his future wife came up with the "boyfriend" clause. It's disputable how good that way was. Some can say it was elegant, other can say that he could be more assertive.

Perhaps it's time for this to change and for women to change this tactics and ditch the really unnecessary lie (if there is no boyfriend in reality), or if there is a boyfriend at least to exercise some interest in another person, at least potentially meeting and chatting with him, especially if he seems like a promising person.