Discussions on book: Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter
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Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
Publication date:
ISBN-10: 0738219967
ISBN-13: 978-0738219967
Pages: 288
Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter
I like their suggestion on how authors of content can be classified in general: content creators and…
at 8pm on 6/3/2018

I like their suggestion on how authors of content can be classified in general: content creators and content curators. So you may be just identifying the information interesting from your perspective and be a curator and this can still be a creative exercise.

Re-labeling of match-maker
at 12pm on 3/30/2018

This book is addressed (primarily) to people who make their living from connecting with other people, and from making introductions between their connections.

The book is full of such personalities and it explicitly describes many of them as otherwise mediocre and without certain professional inclination, who learned how to benefit from such intermediary activities.

Do you want to seek interesting people directly by yourself or through such individuals? Can they do it better than you? Do you want them to know so much about you to annoy you with deliberate signs of attention (eventually intended to be monetized)? It's up to you to decide. The book gives you a peek into their world and methods.

The book is quite light on useful insights but it has some grains of them here and there, although so scarcely scattered that you may just not get there through the content well watered with numerous mundane stories and common sense deliberations and recommendations.

Two stars from me for such grains and bringing the topic up. Although the book considers the concept of "superconnector" a novel one, it's actually the same old match-maker whom the authors tried to put in new clothes. The topic can actually be quite interesting but needs deeper consideration in my view ...

"Building relationships is like growing vegetables"
at 11pm on 3/27/2018

The phrase in the title of this summary is actually from this book, and the authors are serious about its meaning (although when I read it in the book I found this comparison funny, I hope the authors don't consider their cultivated connections as "vegetables" wink).

Anyways, this books essentially describes the role of an intermediary person (called "superconnector" in the book) in make connections in today's social fabric. It also provides hints on how this role can be monetized.

The key approach to becoming a superconnector according to the authors is to learn more about your connections and try to make them a favor (like sending a postcard or similar kind of "meaningful" token stuff) that they would supposedly feel necessary to return. Also, by learning more about his connections a superconnector will try to match his connections for some good business or other synergies, from which he can also derive his buck at the end of the day.