Publisher: Independently published
Publication date:
ISBN-10: 1980677379
ISBN-13: 978-1980677376
Pages: 326
Book club: Men's club
Making Manhood In Modern America
Causes of arrested development of manhood in modern society
at 12pm on 5/27/2018

The author identifies some of the reasons contributing to derailing of manhood in today's society:

  • Lack of all-male groups, continuous attempts to involve women in the remaining men's groups such as fraternities
  • Lack of hardship including physical stress and challenges
  • Lack of manly role models, raising sons by single moms, lack of male teachers in schools
  • Glorification of feminism
  • Effects of modern life on testosterone production

The author's book is influenced by Jack Donovan's work, can be useful to read as well.