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Publisher: Disinformation Books
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ISBN-10: 1932857842
ISBN-13: 978-1932857849
Pages: 480
Book club: Self-development
Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind
I think the author honestly shared what he learned driven by his great curiosity and persistence. There is…
at 7pm on 1/7/2018

I think the author honestly shared what he learned driven by his great curiosity and persistence. There is a lot of material in the book. Sometimes the material in the book gets a bit too lengthy in my taste, for example when providing detailed description of numerous alien abduction experiences. But in overall the author covered vast amount of information and provided insightful conclusions that can be used in the overall understanding of our reality.

This may not be a strictly scientific research but in absence of intelligible information on the topic from "science" this research plays an important role in covering gaps in our understanding of what we are about, and as such is helpful in self-development.

The book lays out the following concepts: Background information Human brain physically hasn't changed much…
at 5pm on 8/28/2018

The book lays out the following concepts:

Background information

  • Human brain physically hasn't changed much for tens and hundreds of thousands of years.
  • At the same time there are indications that humans started developing as an intelligent civilization with modern behaviors quite abruptly at some point around 40,000 years ago. The author analyzes what could trigger such shift.
  • He attributes this triggering to the fact that people started entering the state of trans. The trans usually practiced by early shamans. The trans can be achieved by various means including: consuming psychedelic plants (iboga, ayahuasca brew, etc), engaging in intensive rhythmic dance, extreme physical austerity, sensory deprivation (e.g. in caves where first shamanic paintings were found) etc.
  • Shamans claim being able to interact with supernatural beings in the state of trans.
  • Shamans in various parts of the world undergo similar initiation procedures where they are taken to another world, undergo dismemberment and re-assembly of body or surgical procedure (pictures of "wounded man" found around the world). 
  • Different people in different geographical regions can experience similar visions and interact with similar beings in the state of trans.
  • Around 2% of today's humans can enter the state of trans spontaneously, without needing to consume psychedelic plants or performing other activities on purpose.


  • It remains mystery who originally taught shamans what plants to consume and how to prepare such chemically complex brew as ayahuasca.
  • DMT substance is the primary psychoactive element of ayahuasca. It's also contained naturally in human body and various other organisms and plants.
  • Researchers seriously experiment with psychoactive effect of DMT, experiments were conducted in the US, Mexico and Israel.
  • DMT is illegal for consumption in many countries. Ayahuasca is allowed to be used in religious ceremonies in the US and can be freely consumed in some countries of Latin America with guidance from shamans.

Hypothesis 1 - Interaction with supernatural beings in parallel worlds/dimensions/universes 

  • Author's first hypothesis is that trans state opens communication channel to other worlds. That visions in trans state are not imaginative and fictional, but rather real experience.
  • As in the book The Doors of Perception, the author suggests that in the trans state the person's brain can be re-tuned to receiving the waves of other worlds. The "valve" in our brain restricts the brain from receiving and processing such information in our usual life, for us not to get overwhelmed and confused by irrelevant information.
  • Supernatural beings from other worlds can teach a person in trans state. Shamans claim they are taught in trans state how to use plants to cure illnesses.
  • Shamans can also introduce other people from their tribes to trans state.
  • Alien abductions and elves can be attributed to parallel worlds.
  • Supernatural beings may have sexual relationships with people in trans state. Such relationships can produce hybrid babies (from experience by shamans and alien abductees).
  • Why superbeings may be interested in such relationships, because they consider their state as more ephemeral and human's state more solid, so they target to make super-race having benefits of their supernatural abilities and people's solidity of state.
  • Time in parallel worlds is different from our world. People abducted by elves and remembering spending a day as their guests, may return back to their life a hundred years later.
  • Elves moving in circles observed in various parts of the world can be superbeings traveling between worlds. Moving in circles can be their way to move from our world back to theirs.

Hypothesis 1 and quantum physics

  • The author suggested that the key to other parallel worlds could be in quantum physics, and that superbeings mastered quantum physics so they can move between the worlds.
  • Advancements in quantum computing can help us with opening the other parallel worlds.

Hypothesis 2 - Retrieval and decoding of information from DNA

  • Author's first hypothesis is that in trans state a person can read and interpret the information encoded in DNA, particularly in its "junk" part constituting about 98% of DNA.
  • DNA could be encoded by remote civilization, for example because they were preparing for imminent explosion in their universe and sending out bacteria with DNA in spacecrafts resilient to harsh space conditions so they could automatically find planets suitable for life, land bacteria there and start new life.

Religion and its bureaucratization

  • The author considers the founders of the traditional religions as shamans who were able to communicate with other worlds, some of them possibly hybrids of human and supernatural beings.
  • Inquisition pursued and destroyed people who practiced direct contact with superbeings and other worlds and as such challenged the power of the official religious institutions.
  • The current religious organization departed from direct contact to other (spiritual or parallel) worlds and deprived this channel from their followers. They became intermediaries who cut followers from true and natural spiritual experience.